” life is of extremes ”

It is the music behind the parting doves,
decorated with cries and screams.
within the pauses ,including the hugs of love,
like singing the magic of spring kissing the autumn leaves.

It is in the heights to kiss,
and within the depth to get.
there it includes room to success,
followed by failures on the way to be met.

No gurantee ,in the next moment someone can decieve,
and also there are million moments when endless love and affection you recieve.
Sometimes you will have a hand to hold you,
and sometime you will lend your hand to hold someone too.

There is no margins to escape the vicious schemes ,
like no traveller could prevent to quench thirst in the mansoon scene.

It is like the painting hung on the walls,
where the painter drew his dreams.
Which has the tall standing mountains,
but between two successive peaks always a depth attains.
The magic he knew is life is of extreames.
And he paints a burning sun ,
shining bright crimson red,
and his picture can be seen.



Sawan mein is qadar pyase reh jate the hum
jaise mera hi wo pyala h jo abi tak khali h
par aaj kya aisa hua ,jo har pyas mitti ja rhi h
jaise parda ‘e abra odhe koi to dastak de rha h

registan ki bastiyoin mein jahan tha mera
jahan basant mein bhii rehta tha patjhad
par aaj kya aisa hua jo har kali mera bangwa gulzar krne ja rhi hain
jaise sabj e sakh odhe ,koi to dastak dey rha hain

timtimate jahan mein bhi ,mere yaha hi andhera tha
andheri ratoin ki himaqat jahan ki, aaj b ki jati h
par aaj kya aisa hua ,jo har dhool chat-ti ja rahi hain
jaise chadar’ e roshini ko samete,koi to dastak de rha hain…

“Love lost between the two”

When you feel not much stable than the blowing storm,
hundreds thoughts spill within your mind in fraction of time.
Out of which one can make you the happiest person and the other could tear down your eyes.
Where you see nothing beautiful than you love.
And find every particle of sweet and bitter hung to him.
When you would smile after falling in the mud seeing smile on his face and your heart will be the happiest guy when he would see him coming back in hurry to offer you a hand.
When you start loving him at his work.
When he irritates you the most you don’t feel annoyed but even wanted to hold his hand with no words .
When you could fail to handle your keys but intelligent enough to handle his all emotions.
When you feel to caress his hairs for long till late evening to earn peace and a smile for his face.
And how about being in the nature’s park when it starts raining suddenly. where the nature has trees to offer you two a shelter and bringing you close which can leave all limbs paralyzed and only hearts pounding and eyes asking for inseparable hug.
When you have kissed him many times before kissing him and you feel hugged when he stares you.
When you don’t care your scars and wounds and your voice chokes while he puts his hand and ask for the smallest one.
And While you go for the distant place and all bones feel a crush to be holded tight by him.and after reaching to the place you say not in much excitement that we have reached.
When your limbs shrink and expand a hundred times and you feel shrink sitting next to him and wanting to close eyes on his shoulder with your heart busy in loving him from inside.and his eyes falls on you could make you feel more sensitive than the touch of his hands.
When you don’t actually want to tell him that you love but to love him.
And you can travel million miles crossing boundaries of highways with him..
When the evening sky would paint your love and the returning bird would say there is love lost between the two and he slipping closer to you,
bringing his cheeks near to your ears and keeping his
chin on your shoulder and holding you around your waist through his hand and saying “take me where the road takes us away” that moment you would see the love opening the gates to you for the city called love.


Over the shadows
Is a day where colors are made
Each moment we talk,we meet and smile.
Each moment we fight and then anger put to side.
Has a pinch of color to offer,
Smile and giggles spread in the air,
Heart jumps, shouts,laugh and flies
As if grown with feather.
A perfect day that begin with splendour
Where we weave the world of ours through the words together.
Where I see the picture of desire
and all dismay burn to fire
During the evening space shrink , time stand still
I see a sweet plunder of hearts that has begin,
In the nights ,colors appeared
A beautiful midnight rainbow was formed
Whose ends rest on two heart,
The night was about to slip
I closed my eyes and wished
Another day that will hold us together
then sleep comes and touches my eyes as the ray of satisfaction
As this was the only I wanted since ever..

“The first embrace”

The water was still,with dust on its shore,
as if last night everything has been washed away;
and left is the fertility on the floors;

The signs of feet we make are transient,
this time they fell over the sand ,ready to print its first monsoon scene;
The mother land was touched in her heart serene,
smiled in the promise’ she would treasure the depressions in her dormant beneath.

The water was perfect, clear just as your eye;
the ripples were quiet spreading to the banks.
My heart was bound to see the magic that wont die.

The sun was shining high.
Even every passing man was a witness to the essence;
And to the moment when all demons felt a sigh,
surely masters of white temple must have marked our presence.

The whole world had turned a faint,
every bit of life was flowing through our veins;
the sheer excitement has preached my mind as if i am pouring water from the sea.

You were the perfect shape of nature.
embracing whom would pump up the lungs;
A perfect place to live within and feel light as a feather.
Regardless of limits of time and ties of birth.

“Meeting with yourself”

The one whose art is setting breathes in air
and keeping the feet in stairs of breath is you.

For whom destination is to be achieved crossing the thresholds of life
And who knows to burn and become sun during the nights is you.

Someone whose contemplations are revealed in actions
And whose traces of track would prevent millions from aberrations is you.

Someone whose heart was made to chant the music for earth
And sorrows have learn t to burn with the illumination of mirth is you.

whose intellect knows to bow in the feet of truth
and mind has subtle power and heart has azure depth is you.

It was your heart that was made to beat the trumpet of victory
And Whose trajectory is uncanny for millions, and trophies are recited would also be you

“flames are broken !flash is needed”

flames are broken ,flash is needed
blood had fire some half a century ago
Oil in them has frozen, new fuel is needed;

After the industrial era , machines respired
And coldness of ‘Be practical’ headed the time
Wisdom has been fueled to engines
Emotions are rusted either yours or mine;

No eyes to cries,no hears to call,silence roars in unison
As if human instinct have gone to sleep in depressions
Dusty toil of making sum and blood from shoulder tickled
What the cure would do? An alarming shake is needed;

There came the laughter of life
For It exists neither in present,nor the past could arrive
it is lost somewhere ad-mist opening the closed eye
What throwing a stone in pond would do,ripple would die
A giant emerging storm is the need of the time;

The last we stood together for the common notion is a page buried in history
In the numbness of reasoning ,I hear a palpitating sound beneath
Asking”Is The ruined freedom is much better than slavery”
Survival of the fittest is master’s policy
And shamelessly we inherited adaptability;

In the vision of a better world ,the pigeons of our sleep have gone
Why Wait has not met its end if our heads are fully grown.
Passed is a century, the lights in eyes are dimmed
flames are broken ,flash is needed
blood had fire some half a century ago
Oil in them has frozen, new fuel is needed;


“Being a soldier”

With the advent of the monsoon I was enrolled
It was the desire my eyes behold.
And I rejoiced the rain like never before
I didn’t like every part of training
But I felt someone inside who was growing
And from that day ,even the sweat started refreshing.

An electric pulse ran inside
The moment I find my uniform in front of my sight.
It strike my spiritual and conceptual space,
Like the most lyrical phrase.

Like a child I burst in fury of speed to wear.
I wore my uniform and went to the mirror.
Couldn’t speak the magic in its reflection.
It engulfed all my terror and all my fear,
And left my lungs to burst with the expansion of vigor
Now no more an ordinary, I am a soldier
Who faces the tempest with the thunder.
And knows all ways to reach the goal with the splendor.

Most of the time my bags are packed .
I am a traveler.
Sometimes standing in ladakh and gazing the mountains.
I feel the expanse of pure white serenity and I surrender.
“My nation is a paradise” ,these are the words then I utter.

Ad-mist of journey,
Few moments that belong to me
Empower my memory.
And there I close my eyes to open them with the smile.
This is the way I subdue my strength within a while.

During the nights all like me gather.
We laugh and cry because we share.
But we like no one to hear and stare.

Sometimes few say we are like satyr
For we are trained for killing.
I say it doesn’t make to bother,
For also I know to die to leave you living.

I am much closer to you than my family .
I owe to save you with all my bravery.
Daily I repeat my oath to live and die for the country.

Because I know
“To born free was an accident
To live free is privilege
To die free is a responsibility”


I wore the the mask of long brown hairs on my head,
and the fully grown beard;
Wandering wondering wantonly,
I am on your street roads.

I am neither sad nor monotonous,
I am a vagabond who plods while meditations,
I witness all kind of unimaginable magnificence.
I keep on bumping into new doorways
And people smirk at my isolation.

I have no ties, no vows to full fill.
I am a free bird and also I can fly,
I am seen in the highways, sometimes on hills,
For I am unsolicited with joined hands ,closed eyes and murmuring lips

I came with the veritable bedlam of chirruping
And I follow the sun and disappear in evenings
I have no veshage on any page of history
I am an abstract on everyone’s memory

I have tasted the torrent tornado but never I toppled
And I too composed the treacly music to which I always tussled
And when I ll wish to die ..myself I ll go the island of grave
I ll too broadcast my crimson in the immense horizon
And I’ ll die there with no tears on anyone’s face


“How it looks on 6o’s”

Staring over the streets,”she” the young girl of sixteen
Met him on dream wish fulfillment walking;
‘She’ the princess of castle ville looked down the window,
And saw a boy in vistas playing the piano.

Over the night ,the entire valley echoed by his vagrant music
The girl in her heart sowed the s caplet seed and went to sleep.
With the first golden blaze and dew on petals
The girl with joy opened the curtains.

Again she heard the melancholy words,
And now the scarp let sprouted with buds.
One-day she went to the solitary elm,
And the sat on wooden bench where the boy used to come.
The boy admired the girl with flocks on her cheeks,
Her eyes glittering and the Rossy lips .
It was like the endless fountain of love ,
Was getting poured on to those heavenly dove.

Now they both yearn and yell to meet
They have the zest and zeal .
And the girl adorns on her favorite gown,
When the boy calls her to meet in the valley down.

They feel the presence of one another,
And understand one another without any utter.
They can hear the music of the rain,
Now they laugh more and also they wail.

Few say there is love that that they don’t reveal
And these are the moments which tempt them to steal.

“How is The Love”

Like flickering lamps from the heaven those gaze the twillight shadows throughout the night,
And the west wind that keeps its sublime spirit in the feathers of bird and roars in the forest.
Like the gentle autumn rain that showers as it yearns to touch the dry olive leaves beneath,
And the two opposite banks of river those still wait beyond time and space to meet,
Like the unrooted weeds those dare to creep the broadened stem,
And the voyager who plunger in the stormy nights to surrender the grandeur of ocean,
like the delicate bud that crack to nurture the butterflies with new blossoms,
And the fierce high fountain that adores the rocks beneath.
like the golden ray that shares its radiance with the sands in desert,
And the pink white petal of lotus that adorns the muddy ponds.
Like the little birds in circled flight with vedlam of chirruping ‘entertain’ silent sky.
And the tall standing mountain that defines the glory of setting sun.
Like the falling leaf that asks the wind to keep her ‘love ‘ in the flower.
Like the force that holds two together with no ties.

“Who are Thou”

A heavenly soul vanished from the heaven,
traveled through lofty peaks,immense horizon
flying over the valleys ,crossing the shore less ocean ,
appeared in world of catacombs.

Oh the mighty wind!is it thou?
who with the silvery gray canopy of feathers
has reached to undust dull image of mine with no scorn,

Oh the sublime silent ! is it thou?
who with innocent silent face embodying the melodious chirpings,
has reached to hear the voice of my sins.

Oh the divine eye ! is it thou?
Who with pearly eyes and the petally touch ,
has arrived to look into penury of my heart’s thatch.

Oh the eternal secrecy ! is it thou?
who wearing the veil of helplessness
has reached to reveal the flaws of my actions.

Oh the unseen ! Unspoken! I have felt you in every form
and your arrival ,made me to come out of evil’s paws

Oh the purest divinity!
I am afraid to touch you for I lost my will,
because I have washed my hand in the pond of evil .

Oh the most skilled mason!
I regret with shame for loosing the sublime touch of your hand,
with which you made my heart during my materialist errand.

Oh the source of enlightenment!
I can not see you as the candle you lighted years before
have lost its flame and burns no more within my soul.

I bow my soul in your feet.
I beg you to touch it once more…
I have a candle in my hand .
I request you to ignite its flame once more,
brighter than ever before.

“A Sweet Escape”

 Let us run away to a place,where love is shared,
joy is spilled, happiness is made
Where life is all about delightful, magnificance ;
Where smiles are divine and eyes have innocence,
Where the tears in eyes shows the intensity of love ,
And the wounds are healed by the touch ;
Where loveliness increases ,
And it never passes to nothingless;
Where the morning happens just to greet us;
Where affection of our love tempt the sun to steal the warmth;
And the birds chirrup our name together in their songs .
Where river flows with the divine drink of love,
And the dolphins jump to chase our sweetness;
Where evenings comes to feel our presence;
Even the stars and moon twinkles to romance with us;
Where the sea beach waits,
And meetings of ours allures the waves;
Where the breaths of yours touches my sleep ;
And the dreams of your nights became the prayers of my mornings.
Where defeats of yours meets the flood of my assurance.
And these will be the glories of yours where I bow in obessinance;
And the pacing of your feet is heard in my heart .
Where I have your hand in hand,
And we walk to the end .
Where the time has no boundations;
And the love is free of all cannotions;
Where our love resembles the white horse of wings ,
And we ride over the hills.
Where the nature feels the bliss of our touch,
And we rejoice the butterflies in between;
Where we lie in the glaciers to welcome our death,
And we die together to live forever in the earth.
Where the air knows our smell and nurture our company,
And the flower blossom to tribute our love,
Where I am all yours and you are mine .
I have the place in my heart ,I ask you to come and reside